Lara Life Medical
Nonwoven Fabric Full Ultrasonic Surgical Mask
Nonwoven Spunbond Material
Ultrasonic Stitched
Polypropylene (PP) Coated Soft / Adjustable Nose Wire
Flexible Tire Options:
Double Knitted Rubber (Latex)
Latex-Free Round Rubber (Spandes)
Antiallergic, Air-Permeable
Fiberglass, Latex Free
With the importance we attach to innovation and R&D, we realize with the understanding of quality that is open to improvement and continuous improvement, including unconditional customer support service, which includes modern and technological tools, in-house training, rigor in personal rights, the right human and social responsibility awareness for the right job. We aim to create a SINERJI by continuing our work in customer satisfaction.
We make the development of projects at national and international level in every field we operate, by re-creating the concept of professional, quality, robust, aesthetic and economical in accordance with the notion of engineering and deliver on time. We fulfill the consultancy needs of our country especially in the field of sea and coastal structures without compromising our honesty ...
Before everything; "We really love our job." If you love your job, the job also loves you. "We are constantly researching to be better at our job." We are aware that we are in a field that does not have much history and where arguments are limited. That's why we research and strive to be the best. "We produce solutions, not excuses." We know very well that the job we are trying to do is a hard job above the forecast.
  Address: Akasya AVM A1 Kule No:111 Üsküdar / İSTANBUL                     Telephone : 0505 551 90 25
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